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Our Portfolio

We create and manage marketing strategies for online campaigns, design websites and social media platforms for restaurants, real estate agencies, recovery homes, political campaigns, government entities and non-profit organizations.

Our company represent brands in Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, and Minnesota.

Beyond Revealed Media is pleased to announce the partnership with City of Lauderhill's marketing team to produce awareness videos for the Census 2020 that were displayed on the city's website, resident newsletters, social media platforms, commission meetings, project workshops, and television.

Below are just a few. 

Beyond Revealed Media had the distinct honor of being apart of the South East region marketing team for Amendment 6 (Marsy’s Law) which was on the 2018 election ballot. Marsy’s Law is an act to support and protect victims' rights in a court of law. We are proud to be associated with having this bill get added to Florida’s Constitution. During this project, our role was to develop a plan of action to educate people about the benefits of the amendment, to inform them about the upcoming election, to motivate them to VOTE “YES” ON 6, and to encourage them to share their story and information about the organization with others. 

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We have served in politics since 1998.  With much experience in community involvement, candidate consulting, and public relations, we have the distinct skills of creating marketing videos for politians on ever level. 

Beyond Revealed Media produced The On-boarding / new hires welcoming video and the Jury Orientation video for the Broward County Clerk of Courts office. 

Beyond Revealed Media partnered with Press Release Marketing and produced their executive training session marketing video for Kiolis Transportation. Kiolis Transportation is affiliated with the Broward County Transit department at the Hollywood International Airport. 

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