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To apply to any available positions, please submit:

  1. Your resume

  2. A portfolio (If you have one)

  3. Your social media links

  4. A statement explaining your interest in the desired position and why you are interested in joining team Beyond Revealed Media.

Video Editor

Graphic Designers

Website Designer

We work one-on-one with our clients, providing strategic solutions for their marketing campaigns to have a better focused approached. Our goal is to create content that entertains, educates, persuade, and convert.

To entertain – this will have a strong emotional appeal to an audience, making it very shareable.

To educate – this will allow for a wide reach especially for those who might not be in the know about products or services just yet.

To persuade – This is slightly more emotionally charged; content that gradually changes the mind of the consumer.

To convert – Content that is more often than not rational rather than emotional.

Content is entirely dependent on the individual. Not everyone will be receptive to emotionally charged content but others might be more susceptible to the hard-hitting stuff. 

Graphic Designers create digital illustrations that convey information, from company logos to movie posters and much more. We use sketch pads, computers, tablets, and other devices to create products. We utilize different fonts, colors, photographs, shapes, and aesthetic elements along the way. Those in graphic design go through a design process where they develop several options and tweak their ideas to fit the client’s needs.

Web designers use their graphic design skills to create websites and other web-based applications. Please possess some knowledge of SEO and Google Ads. Web developers help companies update their websites or design new sites from scratch, using existing frameworks. They make sure websites look good on different devices while also remaining functional.



How to Land Digital Media Internship

Working in all types of media means taking advantage of networking, which can lead to further opportunities down the line. Even at the high school level, students can begin interacting with digital media –– opening social media profiles, making connections, and even interning or creating digital content. But it’s in college that networking really starts to gain importance, as students start to figure out where they want to go with their digital media career.


One common way for students to gain experience and valuable contacts in the industry is through internships.

Internships in digital media can take place over the summer, during a single semester, or throughout an entire school year. They might be in large office settings, or they may involve work in the community. The further along students are in their undergraduate career and the more skills they possess, the more they’ll be able to do in their internships.

Before beginning a digital media internship, there are several skills that are valuable for students to develop. Applicants should be confident interviewees, even without prior experience, demonstrating a willingness to learn and grow as they contribute. They should have solid writing abilities and demonstrate some skill in photography, graphic design, website design, or social media. During the course of an internship, students can develop other marketable skills such as storytelling, managing relationships with clients, drafting copy, content programming, and much more.


Are you ready to apply? Click here to submit your information. 

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