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Funeral Media Services

Beyond Revealed Media offers a professional, respectful and discreet Funeral videography service in the following counties: Palm Beach, Broward and Dade.


There are many reasons why families request the filming of a Funeral.  Often we’re asked to capture the day on behalf of family members who are unable to attend, perhaps because they live in other states or overseas. Others simply want a record of the day as part of the celebration of a loved ones life and accomplishments, with a focus on the personal memories and stories that are shared by friends and family.


Families find it best to hire a photographer for the Repast. This is a great way to capture family members and friends who aren't usually around each other often.


In most cases, people travel from all over the world to pay their respect to the grieving family. This is the perfect opportunity for a photographer to capture these priceless moments.

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