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About Us

est. 2013

In the beginning...

Beyond Revealed Media began in Charlotte, NC on November 2, 2013 and now is strategically located in sunny South Florida. The CEO, Carletta Filius, launched her own talk show, “Beyond Revealed”. She developed and created a platform that allowed individuals to share their journey, in order to inspire and encourage those who were just starting a business, or on the inclining verge of giving up on their passion.


Carletta's mission is to go beyond the myths of success and reveal the unseen struggles, obstacles, failures, and mistakes that are common to all who has gained success.


From this vision, arose “Beyond Revealed Media”.  With higher demands for production services, Beyond Revealed Media partners with local creators in and around South Florida.  


No longer do we scramble seeking to post something on facebook, instagram, or twitter. Beyond Revealed Media made posting to social media easier. The content they created for our company products were all designed with our brand and audience in mind.

By providing quality services and products for small businesses, political figures, and community oriented organizations, BRM established valuable connections and gained loyal clientele.  The media industry is highly competitive, however, each project demands a different creative point of view.  BRM’s goal is to gain more access to community engagement opportunities.  We want to be the source for media content within all of South Florida. 

Here are a few individuals whose expertise have contributed tremendously to the continued success and expansion of BRM. ​​

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